The Financial Freedom Process™ is designed to enhance your financial foundation to help you enjoy greater confidence during retirement. For you, the retiree, we have tools built into the Financial Freedom Process™ to help you address various concerns:

The Retirement Spending Analysis™ will illustrate whether your current resources can sustain your retirement spending goal.

The Pension Option Evaluator™ is an exercise that helps clients evaluate advantages and disadvantages of pension lifetime payments versus lump sum distributions.

The Penalty-Free Income Calculator™ will illustrate the amount of
substantially equal payments from your retirement account to
eliminate tax penalties on withdrawals prior to age 59 ½.*

*Please be aware that the early distribution penalty tax exception, substantially equal periodic payments available via Section 72(t) of the Internal Revenue Codes, is subject to very specific guidelines, and thus, various factors should be carefully considered.  Investors should understand the account value (net equity and/or principal balance) could potentially be exhausted if the distributions exceed the earnings and growth of the investment(s) in the account. Also, the ability to sustain substantially equal payments can be compromised if the account is exposed to higher volatility through higher risk or growth-oriented products. Always consult the advice of an independent tax professional prior to initiating 72(t) substantially equal periodic payments.