Clients can choose a proactive investment strategy for conservative, moderate or growth objectives. Recommendations during the review process on portfolio reallocations correspond to changes in the economic cycle and trend analysis.


Advisor Access


Diversification and asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

Client Risk
And Assessment

Helps client match risk/
return objectives with
long-term cash
flow goals

Portfolio selection

Helps client choose
an investment policy
through risk
management education

Target Allocation

Helps client target the
appropriate allocation
and investments for their
investment strategy

Model Portfolio

Client receives a
detailed outline to
implement the
target allocation

Market Evaluation

Discuss how current
economic & market trends
affect the dynamic
allocation strategy

Dynamic Implementation

Execute trades to
implement client’s
dynamic asset
allocation portfolio

The Process
Session Method

Monitor economic
& market trends for
possible dynamic
allocation adjustments