The Tulsa Wealth Advisors team helps focus your attention on the specific obstacles and dangers that could damage your quality of life and put your lifetime vision at risk. With our focus zeroed in on your specific goals, we are able to consider the big picture, while tending to the smallest of details, to develop and implement strategies to help you pursue your life and financial goals.

Upon completing The Financial Freedom Process™, you will have:

  • a comprehensive plan, including sufficient income objectives, for your retirement,
  • organized and diversified investments that meet your specific objectives,
  • a complete estate plan that includes charitable giving strategies,
  • information about and strategies for avoiding dangers that threaten your future,
  • frequent contact with an advisor to help you stay on track, and
  • confidence about your future to pursue your lifetime vision.


Investing involves risk and there is no assurance that any strategy will ultimately be successful or profitable nor protect against a loss.

The Financial Freedom
Starter KitTM

Helps you assess
your current
situation and clarify your
lifetime goals.

The Financial
Freedom WorkshopTM

Helps you assess
your current
dangers, opportunities
and strengths.

The Life & Financial
Strategy SessionTM

Helps you develop a step-
by-step plan to
achieve your life and
financial goals.

The Financial
Freedom PlanTM

A detailed blueprint
outlining the strategies,
tools, and timelines
required to implement
your plan.

The Financial
Freedom BuilderTM

Work with a team of
professionals to ensure
timely and effective
of your plan.

The Financial Freedom
Progress SessionsTM

Regular reviews of your
progress to keep you on
track towards
your vision.