We celebrated our 25th anniversary for Tulsa Wealth Advisors in September!

When I started the company in 1996, we had a vision and dream for a place of excellence that really cared for clients and employees.  We believed we could help people pursue their life and financial goals and develop strong long-term relationships.

At the time we had two financial planners and $20 million in assets under management. Today we have ten planners and $1.1 billion in assets.  We are very grateful to the Lord Almighty for all the wonderful associates we have the privilege to work with and all the terrific clients we get to serve.

One of our most important teammates is Jodi Rahm, the VP for Education & Marketing. Jodi passionately helps all the planners get critical information out to the clients, and she organizes both our educational seminars and client appreciation events. She just completed her 20th year with us, and we are lucky to have her.

One of our very favorite long-term clients is J.D. Patten.  J.D. just turned 98 and has enjoyed a successful retirement period after a very accomplished engineering career.  J.D. and I met in 1990, so he has seen me start the company, have five kids, and send all those kids off to college. We enjoy seeing and working with his daughter, Cynthia Duggins, who faithfully brings him to the office for progress sessions and the annual Christmas party.

When the world seems to be filled with chaos and crises, I find that it’s important to celebrate the accomplishments that are all around us. The COVID variant, the Afghanistan debacle and the specter of inflation from out-of-control federal borrowing and spending have not deterred the economic recovery and the continuation of this secular bull market.

Here in Oklahoma, and across America, innovative entrepreneurs and small businesses like ours are hiring workers, providing great value for customers, and increasing profits. That’s the beauty of free market capitalism and the reason for the stock market to set 54 record highs in 2021.

Given the tailwinds of monetary and fiscal stimulus still coursing through the economy, we believe the current secular bull market has years left to run. The market is always susceptible to normal pullbacks and the risk scenario could always change our outlook, but for now, we suggest “steady as she goes” and try to take a moment each day to celebrate your accomplishments.


Mike Mazzei, CFP®, MPAS®
President, Tulsa Wealth Advisors
(918) 858-2802